Stump Gin, Handcrafted Tonics, Hop Drop Elixir

Stump Gin, Handcrafted Tonics, Hop Drop Elixir

About The

Conceived by the minds at Phillips Brewing Company, the Fermentorium is a distilling house where unrestrained creativity and a hand-crafted approach shape unique recipes of all kinds.

It’s a place where Old World craftsmanship meets modern techniques, as spirits are artisanally distilled in tandem on a classic 1920's British copper still affectionately christened ‘Old George’, and a modern German-built still. With a portfolio that includes a one of a kind hop liqueur, a BC bred gin, and 4 different handcrafted tonics, the future is only limited by imagination.

Natural. Unique. Precision crafted.

STUMP Coastal Forest Gin is crafted using hand-foraged herbs and unique botanicals grown in British Columbia. It’s a gin that reflects the origin of its ingredients; with bold flavours as undomesticated as the rugged BC coastline, delicately balanced with the bright freshness of an old growth forest.

Created entirely in-house, the low wines are first distilled on a 1920’s British-made still affectionately christened ‘Old George’ before being refined in a new German-built refractory still. Finally, the gin is redistilled with BC-grown botanicals creating a spirit featuring a rich velvety mouth feel and punctuated with coastal rainforest flavours. It’s a gin that is not only influenced by our BC environment, but actually made from it!

  • ABV. 45%
  • VOL. 750mL
  • PROOF 90
  • Available in Select BC Liquor Stores

Four Distinct Flavours

Fermentorium tonics are hand crafted without any artificial flavours or liquid sugars. Instead, real ingredients and time-honoured extraction techniques endow the tonics with full, natural flavours, and balance tart with the subtle sweetness of raw cane sugar. The mixed pack contains 4 different tonics, designed to celebrate different nuances in your pairings or cocktails. From classic tart, to floral, citrus, and sweet, there is a non-fermented tonic to match whatever recipe you have up your sleeve.

Artisanal Dry Tonic

It’s a classic style tonic with a twist. Orange peel, white grape juice, lime peel and quinine are lively carbonated balancing bright tartness with a hint of sweet. The Artisanal Dry Tonic was crafted to highlight complexity of STUMP Coastal Forest Gin, but will breathe life into whichever premium spirit companion you pair it with.

Botanical Brew Tonic

Pouring a delicate soft pink colour, the Botanical Brew Tonic is refreshingly floral and strikingly effervescent. Rose petals, hibiscus flowers, heather flowers, damiana and lavender are complimented by a subtle sweetness through the body that finishes dry. Charge up your next cocktail with a little flower power.

Philosopher’s Brew Tonic

Philosopher’s Brew Tonic was developed in collaboration with Silk Road and is based on their Philosopher’s Brew tea. It offers a sophisticated depth of flavour that’s refreshingly approachable, with herbal flavours of lavender and rose hip blended with the citrus of lemongrass and orange peel. Slightly sweetened with raw cane sugar.

Cucumber Mint Tonic

During the crafting of this tonic, natural flavours are extracted by patiently steeping real cucumbers and mint in cold water. Twist the cap, and cucumber aromatics dance from the bottle, leading to fresh cucumber flavours with a hint of mint, all wrapped in a body of soft sweetness that finishes slightly tart.

  • Available in Select Liquor & Grocery Stores

Crafted to be Enjoyed Fresh in a Single Sitting

Hop Drop is an artisanal hop liqueur crafted to celebrate the hop flavours that Phillips Brewing Co enjoys in their beer. Real hops are transformed into an incredibly potent elixir where explosions of fresh pine and bright bitterness are balanced in a blanket of soft sweetness.

Its depth of flavour is robust enough to enjoy on its own poured gently over ice, or it can be ‘dropped’ into another beer to instantly raise the ABV and infuse the brew with bright, hoppy flavours.

  • ABV. 29%
  • VOL. 50mL / 200mL
  • PROOF 58
  • Available in Private Craft-Focused BC Liquor Stores
Serve on ice or drop into beer